Alteration Services

   All Same day orders must be placed before 1:00 PM Pacific time

Our staff has performed tens of thousands of garment and other miscellaneous tailoring jobs for the very satisfied Las Vegas. Our plant features every sewing machine available to handle your alteration needs, excluding leather goods. No job is too small, yet we are fully equipped and well experienced, to handle the most complex remake. Same day alterations for weddings and events can be turned around very quickly.

If you desire expert alterations to insure that your clothes fit perfectly, bring your clothing to our professionals.

Our tailors, seamstress, and alterations are specialist and have over 20 years experience in clothes alterations offering a professional service to customers.

Whether you need a basic hem or reducing the shoulders of your jacket, we will make sure your clothing fits you in the best possible way. With the fastest alterations service in Las Vegas.

We offer a high quality work on restyling, relining, remodeling, altering hemlines and waistlines.

Here is a list of most of the alteration services that we provide:


Pants, Skirts
Invisible Jeans, Dresses
Down and Borgana
Lining jackets – sleeping bags, etc.
Pocket zippers
Zipper slides
Zipper pulls


Pants w cuffs
Pants cuffs with lining
Skirts, Dresses
Skirts, Dresses, lined
Skirts, Dresses full or pleated
Formal dresses
Coats lined
Drapes ea panel
Drapes ea panel lined
Shirt sleeves
Shirt sleeves cuffed
Suit coat sleeves
Suit coat sleeves lined
Suit coat sleeves lined with split

RELINING (plus fabric)

Suit coats, jackets
Pants, skirts


Elbow with lining


Slacks, Skirts
with lining
Replace Elastic
Replace elastic w/lining rev
Front waist only


Pants, skirts
with lining


Resew Button
New Button
Hook and Eye / Clasp
Button Holes


Suit coat
Suit coat lined
Skirt lined
Dress lined


Repair waist
Repair hem
Repair hem with cuff
Repair seam
Repair hole
Repair snag
Repair strap
Blanket binding
Leather gloves
Split skirt/slack
Crotch, rear, butt
Resew belt loops
Straps, Ties

We are one of the few local alteration shops conveniently located just off the Las Vegas Strip, minutes away from any hotel.

  • Clothes ready and delivered within hours if necessary.
  • No need to fight the traffic, take a cab or spend time crossing town in a limo.
  • Multiple professional tailors on the premises to get the job done on time. Just give us a call (702) 448-2202

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